Drone Flying with Syma and Tello Drones

Lesson Planning

NASA STEAM Lesson ideas

*Found at IMTS 2022 conference

Designing Drones Lesson

(Similar Lesson taught in 6th grade STEAM)

Technology Possibilities

Beman's Best: Examples of our work

Drone Intro (22)
Drone Flight Obstacle Course Indoors Oct 22.mp4

Career Possibilities

NASA Internships

Note you must be a US Citizen, and 16 years or older, though they tend to have internships for college students.

*Found at IMTS 2022 conference


This is an aerospace contractor, you do not need to be a US Citizen, and they tend to give internships to high school

*Found at IMTS 2022 conference

Drone U

An article, published June 26, 2022. Lists possible careers for drone pilots. Take a look, lots of fields are looking for drone pilots.