Tech 4 Teachers:

 A Guide to Integrating Technology


     This site was originally created during the Spring and Fall of 2020, as educators tried to find ways manage the COVID-19 crisis and prepared to begin both in-person and remote learning for students.  This site was made as a way to help teachers across the globe adapted to this new environment.  From staggered teaching schedules and cohorts to video conferences and interactive tools, teachers were looking for new ways to interact with students who could not be physically present, while also managing to keep their lessons alive and monitor student work for understanding.  


     As schools have moved back to in person learning, technology still plays a vital role in the education of our students. We don't want to loose what we learned over the two years of online and hybrid teaching and learning. We are at a pivotal point, there are more devices in the hands of students, and the question is how do we use technology effectively to enhance teaching and learning. We are keeping the information about hybrid learning, but are turning our focus to the resources on this site that will help you think about ways to continue to incorporate technology into your lessons. 

     We encourage you to continue to explore and think not only about how you use technology to teach, but ways your students can use technology to learn as well as how they can move from being consumers to creators of content. If you or your school have not already done so, we encourage you to look into the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) Standards for students to help guide your implementation of technology into your lessons. You can then take a look at the standards for educators, coaches, and/or educational leaders to help your whole school community grow in their use of technology.

We are here to help you! 

 This website was created by actual teachers, FOR actual teachers.  Integrating technology into lesson plans can be a daunting task... where do you start?  Do you have the right tools?  How much time will be spent on enhancing this lesson?  We understand that being a teacher is more than a period in a classroom, it takes preparation time, training, grading and so much more outside of the classroom.  

This site is here for you; complete with suggestions and tutorials on resources to enhance your lessons in a Hybrid Learning environment.  These technology tools allow students to interact and collaborate, to critically think and problem solve, and to make learning more fun.  Take a look, dive on in, and try something new!  You might surprise your students... and yourself!

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