Showbie is a learning management system, similar to Google classroom.

The major differences are that it is much easier to hand write on documents; this can be great for handwriting, math, foreign language or art.

Another major difference is the ease of adding audio notes for both the student and the teacher; this an be great for younger grades, foreign languages, students who have a difficulty writing, and providing detailed feedback to students.

The Basics

Classes - My Showbie.webm

Creating a Class

Step by step instructions for creating a class in Showbie.

Creating Assignments - My Showbie.webm

Creating an Assignment

Step by step instructions for creating an assignment with content in Showbie.

Grading Features - My Showbie.webm

Annotation Tools

An explanation of the tools across the top bar in a Showbie document. These tools can be used by students as well as used when grading within Showbie.

Beyond the Basics

Folders and other features - My Showbie.webm

Creating Folders

Explanation of how you could use folders (gives units as examples).

For distance learning, I organized by week rather than unit.

Suggestion: Add the app to your phone or iPad to easily add pictures.

Communication Tools - My Showbie.webm

Chat and Group features

How to set up and use the chat feature and groups within Showbie.

How to Video Chat Showbie.webm

New: Video Chats

Showbie has recently added video conferencing features. You can open a video chat for a whole class or with an individual student.

Advanced Features