Screencastify allows you to create videos right from your Chrome browser.  You can share these videos with your students to enhance your instruction or to flip you classroom. 

The Basics

Screen Castify

A slideshow that covers how to install Screencastify, and how to make videos with Screencastify.  It also covers video editing and creating assessments out of your videos. 

A webpage with directions from ScreenCastify on how to get started, including how to install the extension.

Beyond the Basics


(Recommended to Use with Google Classroom)

Your students can use Screencastify to make presentations or projects.  Students would install the extension just like you, and then this  video tutorial  walks you through how your students can submit their assignment to Google Classroom and what it will look like on your end.

(Recommended to Use with Showbie and SeeSaw)

Students can submit their work to you through assignment links created by you in ScreenCastify Submit. Students don't need the extension. 

Advanced Features


Become a "Master Caster"

A 1-hour certification course covering the basics and popular ways to use ScreenCastify.