Become Content Creators

Canva is a great site to help you create all sorts of designs for never ending purposes. Use the templates to help you get started, and then dive into your own creations. This could be a great way to make classroom decorations, business cards, fliers, or lesson materials. This is also a great way to help your students become creators as well. Let them use Canva to demonstrate their learning in a infographic, pamphlet, sticker, t-shirt design and much more. Explore the "What will you Design Today?" videos to see how people are using Canva to promote change. (These would go great in lessons too!) 

Be sure to log in with your school email and sign up as an educator, this will open all of the premium features for you to use for educational purposes!

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What will you Design Today?

Melati Wijsen (Changemaker)

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