Zoom is a live streaming web based app that allows teachers to deliver live instruction to students regardless of where the teacher or students are located.


    • Waiting Room - Allows the teacher to control who is in the classroom and when they can enter.

    • Breakout Rooms - Allows students to work in small groups while still being able to call the teacher into the room for help.

    • Share screen - Allows the teacher (or students) to present what is on their screen for all in the meeting to see.

    • Whiteboard - A feature that provides the teacher or students a white board to share with all in the meeting.

    • Write on Screen - makes the shared screen interactive so participants interact with the content shared on the screen.

    • Backgrounds - A fun way to change what appears behind you in your video, great to encourage students to turn on their videos, even if they don't want others to see their location.

The Basics

Beyond the Basics