Bitmoji Classroom

Creating a Bitmoji Classroom can be a way of personalizing your online space. Just like your live classroom, this can be a place for students to access daily work and the resources for your class. 

Just like setting up a classroom, it does take a little time. However, once it is created you are set, and can make minor edits through out the year. 

Many of the tutorials are also helpful hints for using Google Slides. 

The Basics

Adding Bitmoji to Chrome.webm
Creating the Background for Bitmoji Classroom.webm
Adding a Board.webm
Adding Furniture.webm
Adding Decorations and Posters.webm
Adding Objects and Crating Links.webm
Adding Daily Text and Assignments.webm
Adding your Bitmoji.webm
Sharing your Bitmoji Classroom with your Students.webm


Beyond the Basics

Advanced Features