Innovation Center

Welcome to the Innovation Center at Beman Middle School. There are multiple spaces for students and staff to use as well as moveable carts to make the Innovation Center portable to classrooms and Pods.

Clicking on each of our spaces below will lead you to a page that highlights the materials and technology with in each space. Then you will find technology resources pages that show you how to use the technology, as well as lesson planning resources. As the year progresses, we will also be adding student work examples and lesson ideas taught by teachers at Beman.

Please come on down to the Innovation Center to visit or contact Erin Scholes, the Innovation Coordinator, for any questions or help planning lessons.

This is our MakerSpace. In the tables students will find supplies they need to create. There are also lots of supplies and tools stored in The Garage that students are welcome to use. Always ask what you are looking for and we can find what you need.

The Fab Lab has Maker Bot (uses filament) and Form Lab Plus 3D (uses resin) printers. These are a form of additive printing. We also have a Haas Mini Desktop Mill and a Glowforge that are for subtractive manufacturing.

The studio is equipped with production equipment for our live school news broad cast. Buddy, the robot, is a key contributor to the studio space. They can be used for lessons or students can program them for use on projects. Buddy is also the host of Uplifting: A SEL Podcast.

The Computer Lab is a great place to teach a mini lesson and have students work on digital projects. The computers are set up for student log in, separate from their chrome books. On these computers they will have access to the Adobe Suit and Arduino software.

The furniture in the open space can be reconfigured to best meet you and your students' needs. The space (including the computer lab) is big enough to host a whole team. This is also a great space for group work or to spread out for individual work time. There is also the drone net and robotics stage for use with these technologies. The large digital display is a great way to centralize student focus.