In the Innovation Center there is a case of 15 sphero bolts. We also have 5 more spheros in our robot cart. The spheros require the use of the Sphero Edu app to control them. The Sphero Bolts can be coded, including lights, sound, movement and more. As well as the ability to drive them freely using the same app. There are lessons within the sphero app, in their curriculum guides, and of course you are welcome to create your own.

Lesson Planning & Technology Possibilities

In the Innovation Center we have curriculum that has lessons designed for grades 6-8 that utilize the spheros and the sphero app to code. We also have game card decks that have quick activities for students. Come on over to check out these materials.

Sphero Bolt Educators Guide

This can help you become familiar with the Sphero.

Graphing with Sphero Game- Math 180
Graphing with Sphero - Math 180

Soccer Pitch

We have 6 mats for students and teachers to use as part of their lessons. The soccer pitch has a 4 quadrant graph creating great opportunity for math lessons and play.

Outer Space

The reverse side has the outer space, offering a visual of the solar system and ways for students to move their sphero through the solar system.

Beman's Best: Examples of our work

Using Spheros with our math students to practice coding and graphing.